Friday, December 4, 2009

The Great Kindle Giveaway!

Hey folks, just a quick post to let you know that Bibliofreakblog is giving away Amazon Kindles (for those who have been living underground for the past two years or so, Kindles are a product upon which you can keep hundreds of books electronically. Anyway, if you wish to enter, click on the link below and subscribe to Bibliofreakblog's newsletter (and remain subscribed through December 18, if not longer).

Good luck and enjoy!

Here's the link:

'Tis the season Part II

We have another entry for the Nice list with Canvas on Demand
( ), a company, which, like Nations Photo Lab, I found during my visit to the Photo Plus Expo in NYC in October. Canvas on Demand provided a coupon for a free 16 x 20 canvas wrap, to introduce us to their products (an $84.00 value, according to their published information).

Last week I finally got around to choosing the photo I wanted enlarged and I sent in my order Wednesday, November 25, after 5 pm (yes, the day before Thanksgiving). I did have to pay for shipping, which was a bit pricey at $14.95 (a bit more about shipping later). I received an email from Canvas on Demand on Friday, November 27, informing me that the photo I chose would not fit the 16 x 20 canvas, so they were upgrading me at no charge to a custom 16 x 24 because they wanted me to be happy with my product.

I next received an email on Monday, November 30, telling me my canvas had shipped, and enclosing a FedEx tracking number. Tracking the package indicated that it was expected to be delivered December 3; however, I received it on December 2! So, within one week of ordering, I had my canvas (and, mind you, this week included the Thanksgiving holiday weekend!). Talk about speedy! The canvas was exceptionally well wrapped and packaged, making the shipping costs worth it. And, what a lovely product.

For those who don't know what a canvas wrap is, I've attached a few pictures of my finished product (pardon the photos - I have not yet chosen a place to hang the canvas). As you can see, these would be especially lovely to offer for wedding photos.

Canvas on Demand gets a rating of Very Nice with me. And, as for full disclosure, I received the code along with everyone else who attended the expo; Canvas on Demand neither asked me to, nor does it know, that I wrote this. I did it solely to let you know of interesting products "out there" in the realm of the internet, and because I had such a good experience with Canvas on Demand.

Coming soon - a naughty company will be revealed (lest you think I am some exceptionally fortunate shopper).

Thursday, December 3, 2009

'Tis the season

For lots of shopping. With that in mind, I thought I'd compile a list of who has been nice and who has been naughty to me. This won't be totally photography related, but I'll let you know which merchants have done the best for me this shopping season and who are aces in my opinion. As for the naughty ones, well, I'll tell you about them too!

First up on the Nice list, with a Very Nice rating is Nations Photo Lab. I wrote about them last month and I'll just reprint that entry here for your convenience. Again, NPL did not ask me to do this, nor did I tell them I was doing this. NPL has not given me anything (other than the code provided to all PhotoPlus Expo attendees discussed below) to induce me to write this.

From the November post: "Nations Photo Lab ( ) was at the show and provided to all attendees of the show cards with a $25.00 free code to try them out. All I can say is "WOW"! And, truth be told, I was skeptical at first. After all, photo developing/printing is all the same, isn't it?

No, absolutely not! This place was amazing. First of all, the speed. I ordered last Sunday night (November 8, 2009), and my order (11 8x10 prints on metallic paper, and two magnets on metallic paper) was in my hands Tuesday morning (November 10)! Shipping was only $7.00 FedEx (and, if I remember correctly, shipping is free when you order over $50.00). And the photos and magnets were well packed so that no photos would bend in shipping.

More importantly, my photos were AMAZING! I have never seen photos "pop" quite like they did. The metallic paper is so interesting. According to their website, the metallic paper has
  • "High gloss finish with tear resistant laminate layers
  • 3-Dimensional/metallic appearance
  • Ideal for outdoor images, black/white, and portraits
  • Has been described as "chrome on paper"
  • State-of-the-art image stability"
You really have to see it to believe it. And the pricing is more than competitive for the quality of the product. Each 8x10 was $2.00 for the metallic paper (Kodak Endura paper). Compare that to $2.99 at a major (unnamed) online photo service. I can NEVER go back to drug store or other photo finishers again.

Nations Photo Lab rates A++++++ in my book. I will definitely be using them again (and again, and again)

In the matter of full disclosure, I, like everyone else attending the photo expo on NYC, received a $25.00 credit to try out Nations Photo Lab (NPL). NPL neither asked me to, nor is aware, that I am writing a review on my blog. I chose to do this because NPL just impressed me so much."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anyone interested in giving NPL a try

I received an email from NPL (see my November post re Nations Photo Lab) indicating that, through 12/3/09, they are taking 30% off enlargements (following sizes: 16x20, 16x24, 20x30 and 24x36). I believe I provided a link to the website in my prior post, otherwise, just google Nations photo lab and you'll get there. Here you go: No code appears to be necessary.

I am not taking advantage of the offer (I don't presently have anything that I wish to enlarge so much), so I can't tell you what I think. If you try it, be sure to come back here and post.