Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great news - take photos in public as you please

As you may know, photographers have been hassled for taking pictures in public places - yes, even tourists taking pictures of iconic spots.  Now, according to a federal bulletin, this is to stop.  See:   and also  Now, in reality, might you still get harassed by a security goon?  Sure.  So, you may wish to print the linked story(ies) out and carry it (them) with you for their edification.  Note, private property is private property and you must abide by the property owner's wishes per the above articles.

Note, I am not providing legal advice - just letting you know about websites that discuss legal rights regarding photography.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few money savers for you

A couple of money saving offers that came my way that I am passing on to you:

Picaboo:  20% off plus free shipping on Classic books and Calenders.  Expires midnight PT January 17.  Use code HNY20FS

Corel:  is offering Painter 11 (I have not used this product) at a discounted price - instead of $399 for the full version, the present price is $219; and instead of the the upgrade price of $199, you can now upgrade at $119.  They are also giving away with this deal a $30 coupon to be used at CanvasPop, and free shipping.  Expires 1/17/11.  It appears no code is necessary.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long time no see

Sorry I have been gone so long - holidays snuck up on me and then all the obligatory family colds/flus have struck.  I promise I'll be back soon with photography related material.

For now - question for you - for those with e-readers - what's your favorite?  I'm leaning towards the Nook Color (I know, hard to believe for a Sony girl, but, really, I'm a Minolta girl and Sony bought Minolta!)  right now for several reasons, one being COLOR!  Two, I'd like to help keep B&N  in business (and evenif they go under the Nook will be a prime asset, so I am not worried about service).  Three, this month B&N will put it on the Android 2.2 platform (still not the latest but B&N will start making apps available, making it a high quality e-reader and a low cost tablet.

So, what are your thoughts about e-readers?