Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Oscars in Memorium Review

To say that this year's Oscar's in Memorium segment was disappointing would be an understatement. While having James Taylor singing was acceptable, he was background - the camera should have not been on him, especially at the beginning of the segment when fan favorite Patrick Swayze's tribute was being shown - Patrick - we hardly saw you. And that was just wrong.

So many people were wrongfully left out - but the Academy said, ooh, we don't have the time to show everyone. Well, that may be, but you do have time to give each passed member more than one second on-screen if you cut lame bits like Ben Stiller's, and that performance by the League of Extraordinary Dancers, who, in my opinion, is a group not anywhere close to "extraordinary". It's sad that the Academy chose to go with lame bits like these two instead of giving recipients respect and more time to speak, and more respect for those who passed.

I hope whomever decided to to show James Taylor when Patrick Swayze was on screen is one of the "forgotten ones" when s/he passes. With directing like that, they should be forgotten and passed over as so many other more deserving people were.

And, one more word to the Academy - for the next Oscars show, try REHEARSING, especially camera angles and direction for the in Memorium section - somehow you always manage to mess that section up, failing to focus on those onscreen.

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