Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As a woman, I am so embarrassed by these fools. . . .

So, today, a heretofore unknown (and apparently, there was a good reason for that), representative from Illinois, got her name in the press today (although not much, so far.  Perhaps the main stream media realizes this was not an appropriate statement to make).   She took a page from the infamous Hillary rant of "what difference does it make?!" in reference to the attack in Benghazi and the murders of four brave American citizens.  Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), decided it was appropriate to tell her "colleagues" in Congress, who have the abominable nerve to question why a $93 million dollar contract for a simple website has ballooned to $600 million plus, and why the president lied as to the website being ready to go and the American people can keep their doctors and their preferred insurance policies, to "get over it!"

And to add to the idiotic responses today, HHS Secretary Sibelius actually answered a question from a Congressman (now we know she doesn't think she works for taxpayers or Congress, but bear with me), the immature and wholly inappropriate response of "Whatever".  Um, like, yah, we seem to have a Valley Girl for HHS Secretary.

Good gracious, women like Abigail Adams must be rolling in their graves.  These are examples of the best women we have in this country to serve in public office?  For shame on all three of the aforementioned women.  I only wish Abigail Adams were able to read these three stooges the riot act.

Please, ladies, tell people who have lost their insurance plans and cannot afford the affordable insurance available under the so called ACA, "Whatev!" and "Get over it!" to their faces.  Be braver than Hillary, who, to my knowledge, has not yet had the poor taste to tell the family members of the four Benghazi victims "what difference does it make?!"  None of these three women are deserving of the honor of serving the United States of America in any capacity.

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