Friday, April 10, 2009

Sony DSC-H20

Well, hubby and I have been out shopping this week for various electronics, and the Sony DSC-H20 is still not in stores (at least the ones we have visited!). A few of the features that it has with which I am familiar include the steady shot feature which is on my Sony Alpha DSLR. Let me tell you, that feature can be a life-saver, especially when you are taking pictures on the fly. It helps take the shake out of your photo-taking. Now, if you are freezing cold and shaking like a leaf, you may still have blur, but under normal conditions, the steady shot feature will have you taking some nice and sharp photos. It also has face detection, which is a feature that works really well as the camera will focus on faces (assuming it behaves like the alpha!).

Another feature which I am really looking forward to is the ability to take video! The Sony DSC-H20 reportedly can take video in wide and full-screen modes, recording at 30 frames per second in fine, standard and VGA recording modes. This really would have come in handy last year at a relative's wedding. While I was all set with my Sony alpha (and took some great pictures, if I say so myself), it turns out that a group of the groom's friends had a surprise "performance" during the wedding, which no one captured because no one brought a video camera. With the Sony DSC-H20, I will be prepared for such events, as I read you can record up to 1 hour of video on a 4 mb memory stick pro duo.

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