Sunday, April 26, 2009

Having fun!

I've been spending this morning preparing (reading the manual - very important; attaching the lens cap - it comes with a "leash" so it won't get lost; putting protective film on the 3 inch LCD screen; putting in the battery and the MS Pro Duo memory card - this camera has been tested to accept up to a 16 GB card I read) and playing with my new Sony DSC-H20. It takes nice sharp photos, and, using the intelligent auto feature, it even will pop up the flash if it thinks you need a flash! To compare to the Sony alpha, I am posting today a picture I took of the same weeping cherry tree as in a picture I took with the Sony alpha and posted in a prior blog. The H20 is a really nice point and shoot. What do you think?

Also, note that you can actually get lens attachments for this unit (I did not know that until I read it on the box and in the enclosed materials.). The attachments make the camera even more versatile. I think the telephoto lens that comes built in is sufficient for most point and shoot needs, but the wide angle lens attachment is something I might wish to consider getting for myself.
All in all, my initial impressions are very favorable. The size and quality certainly make it a nice addition to my Sony alpha. Next up - how is the video it records?

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