Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Check it out - Unconditional Mom

Found at http://anunconditionalmom.blog.com/2010/01/09/hp-mini-110-with-windows-7-sos-simplify-my-life-please/ is giving away HP Mini 110s with Windows 7. Now, who couldn't use an HP (the computers and printers of choice at my house); and in my case, with a bad back, who couldn't use a mini? But, look how kind I am being letting all you folks know about this, lowering my chance to get one. Bonne Chance! And, if you get one - I'll be jealous.

FYI - will be out for a while - have a herniated disc (one the docs have been describing behind my back as a "monster" "we're amazed she can walk with one that big" - I'm gonna have to post a pic from the MRI to prove it!) - it's being operated on tomorrow. So, hope to be back soon to tell you about some other photo related goodies I have found!.

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