Friday, January 29, 2010

So long away

Sorry to have been away so long, but let me tell you, this was a very memorable holiday season. We were unaware of it, but the best guess of several medical professionals has been that a lumbar disc had been herniating since at least October. Lots of pain, hard to get in and out of cars, takes a while to get moving, etc. Flash forward to my lucky 13th wedding anniversary in December, and we had a full out ruptured disc (and, no, we weren't even doing anything fun!).

Last week, after a few weeks of conservative treatment failed to cause the extruded piece of disc (I've been told it was the size of a thumb) regress back into the disc, we had to do surgery as it was pushing my sciatic and other nerves out of the way and hurting them, and causing major problems with my left leg.

All I can say is OUCH! Not much sleep for two months (not even now, as the incision site heals as well as the leg), and lots of major pain meds (pardon the typos).

But, never fear, I have two items arriving today to review for you -one photography related and one yummy related, so we will be catching up soon.

Now in clear disclosure, again, no one has asked me to do these reviews. Being on a multitude of mailing lists, I received offers for a $25.00 credit off a canvas wrap from another company, and and $18.22 credit from the yummy company, as did all other on the mailing lists. I just like to let you folks know about good products and companies when I deal with them, and I am a sucker for coupons and use them whenever I can. And, let me tell you, the heretofore unnamed yummy company was a hoot to deal with through emails. My guess, happy employees equals happy and yummy products, but I will let you know soon! :-)

Stay well, or at least feel better than me!

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