Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photos soon!

I have been playing around with my new Sony camera (which I will probably give to my hubby, since I have a Sony alpha he gave me as a Christmas present and a Sony DSC-H20 which is a great little camera to have).  Remember I won this camera from Mamma Mia blog - and neither the blog nor Sony asked me to write about it - I just like to share what I learn about cameras and offers with you. 

Initial impressions: easy to use, when you hit playback though to review the photos taken, for about the first second, the photo is a tad blurry and then sharpens.  My husband saw this too - we do not know why this happens - could be because of the number of MPs I am shooting in (12.1) which is higher than my other cameras and it takes a second for the memory card to produce all the megapixels on the screen.  It may just require a faster MS pro duo card (Pro duo cards are needed if you wish to take movies using the camera).

If you are looking for a gift for a son-to-be or recent grad who would like a decent digital camera to have, to take back-packing, on spring break, etc., this one seems to do it all for a decent price.  You can check out prices at Amazon through this link Sony DSC-W220.  Pictures will be up shortly - it's just with trying to juggle physical therapy, rest my back, and actually hold down a job, time is a bit tight and I haven't even transferred the photos to the computer yet.  Be patient - and they will be up hopefully by the weekend.

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