Thursday, June 24, 2010

Buzz kill!

Well, I had been looking forward to receiving a product I ordered from Amazon, A Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo HX 8 GB Flash Memory Card with USB Reader, MSHX8G.  Note, how the description says "With USB Reader".  Well, the whole point of getting this high speed card is because the USB reader allows faster transfers (ever sit around using your memory card slot to transfer pictures from a full memory card? Can you say forever?).

Now, let me also preface this with saying I have been a long-time Amazon purchaser, and have bought from many Amazon Marketplace vendors without a problem. . . . until now. . . .

So, I bought it from an Amazon Marketplace seller ChiTek (also known as CTCStore, apparently from their emails to me), who ended up sending me only a Sony Memory Card MS-HX8A//K which does not come with the USB reader.  Despite my order and receipt clearly saying "Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo HX 8 GB Flash Memory Card with USB Reader, MSHX8G", ChiTek, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to tell me that it sent me what I ordered and that it is a promotional item that does not come with a USB reader.  HUH?  Will someone kindly explain to me (because ChiTek can't and refuses to do so) how something described as (and if you click on the link, there's another picture showing the entire package with the USB reader) having a USB Reader and a manufacturer ID number MSHX8G magically becomes an MS-HX8A//K (which, by the way, ChiTek does not even list as an item for sale, and, which, by the way, if you Google the manufacturer's number, is only available for sale in the United Kingdom and Japan, and thus may not work with US products) without a USB reader?  And, they charged me the same price for a lesser item (of course its a lesser item if it's missing one of its main components - never mind the fact that I have to buy an adapter card in lieu of the USB reader. . . .) and they don't understand why I am upset.  Here's images of what I actually received from them: 

Notice, no USB reader, and the manufacturer above the SKU does not match what I ordered:  MSHX8G.
This is what the MSHX8G is supposed to look like:  

  In my opinion, I am the victim of a bait and switch, and for the first time ever, I have filed a claim with Amazon.  I'll let you know how this works out, but so far, I feel victimized and feel I am unlikely to do business with an Amazon Marketplace vendor again.

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