Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Sony DSLR

Have you all seen the new Sony alpha series cameras?  They look like a cross between a point and shoot and a DSLR, with the ability to attach multiple lenses to it.  It's the Sony a-NEX camera line.  I find them interesting because, in addition to taking interchangeable lenses, they can also take HD movies.  Check out the Sony website here for more info: , or take a look at them through the Amazon links here.

I have yet to have a chance to see or try these out in person.  Drawbacks I can see, at least for my use, include the following:
1) The cameras take an "E mount" lens.  If you wish to use your Sony alpha or Minolta "A mount" lenses, you need to purchase an optional adapter sold separately Sony LA-EA1 - Lens adapter Minolta A-type - Sony E-mount.  Check out this link, which shows the present lowest price for this as about $154.95  (Amazon does not seem to have it in stock as of today )
2) Even after the adapter (yes, I'd have to get one, after investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in Minolta and Sony A-Mount Lenses, I am not buying a slew of E-Mount lenses), I can't imagine how balanced, or unbalanced the a-NEX would be with my larger telephoto lenses on it. 

The above said, I do think it's a very cool idea - sometimes I don't like lugging my Sony alpha DSLR around, and I have taken to bringing my Sony DSC-H20 and/or my Sony Cybershot W-220 with me.  The Sony a-NEX sound like it just might bridge the gap (IF they lower the price on the lens adapter!).

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