Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cool New Product Alert - HP/Palm Touchpad

Just wanted to let you know HP has announced a competitor the the iPad - the Touchpad.  You can find the specs here:  Looks pretty good.  My initial disappointment is that it seems to have only one camera - on the side facing you - like a webcam.  When the iPad came out, many indicated that a camera on both sides would have been beneficial - I don't know why HP didn't compensate for that.  On the plus side, unlike the iPad, the Palm Touchpad runs FLASH!  Yay!

Here's the product page for the Touchpad - enjoy!

The product page indicates it will be available this summer.  If, after this winter you weren't yearning for summer already, this should make you want summer to get here even faster!  Can't wait to get a look at it in person.  I am a long-time HP fan (although I do like Apples too - my first home computer was a Mac SE back in the day).

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