Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sony a-nex cameras

I mentioned these cameras in the past - I had wanted to get my hands on them to give them a try because I was curious as to how a camera the size of a digital still camera could balance with extra lenses.  Now, you could buy lenses that would fit the a-nex, or you can use a converter lense so that you could mount the Minolta and Sony A lenses to the camera: the α-NEX Camera Mount Adapter, which retails at the Sony site for $199.  Well, that adds weight to the front end of the camera, as would an A-mount lens.  I did get the chance to hold the a-NEX-3 camera, and the weighting of it just did not feel balanced to me.  I'd be interested in checking out the a-NEX-5 series which shoots 1080p movies, but, I thing the only way you might get around the balance problem would be to invest in new E-mount lenses, and even then, I am not sure that would resolve the problem (although you wouldn't have to deal with the expensive mount adapter, and I assume the E-Mount lenses are lighter than the A-mount).  I don't plan myself on switching anytime soon.  My Sony alpha DSLR, my Sony DSC-H20 are great for me, and my Sony DSC-W220 is serviceable for my husband.  I have too much money invested in the Minolta/Sony A-mount lenses.

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