Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

Few people have had such a profound effect upon the world.  Although Apple wasn't known much for photography (okay, it had some cameras on its iPhones and iPads), Apple revolutionized what we could DO with our digital photos and videos.

I've said I was a Sony girl once Sony bought Minolta from Konica (it allowed me to use my Minolta lenses - very expensive - on my new Sony alpha camera without having to shell out for new lenses).  In fact, I am now typing this on my new Sony Vaio (replacing an HP that died a premature and apparently HP-the-company couldn't care less death), but don't think I didn't consider Macs.

My first computer was a Mac SE - wish I had kept it - some enterprising people turned theirs into aquariums - very cute.  But, I traded it in (yes Apple had a trade-in program then) for an Apple LC II in 1992.  That I still have and it still works - but it can't connect to the internet and I have to use the old dot-matrix printer with it!  LOL!  Then, I met and married a Windows guy, and, for family harmony (although he reluctantly looked at Apples with me a few months ago), I have been a Windows person.  Let me tell you though, I win the lottery, and I will be buying myself the most souped-up Apple that I can find.

Thanks for all the innovation, Steve.  I'm sorry you had to go via pancreatic cancer - my family lost two women to that dreaded disease.  They, unfortunately, went very quickly (5-6 weeks from diagnosis).  I'm glad that you were able to be treated (although I can only imagine how painful and grueling it must have been).  I hope what the medical professionals learned from your case can be used to help others.  RIP, Steve.

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