Monday, December 19, 2011

So, what do you think?

Will smart phones put point and shoot digital cameras in the dustbin of history?  That's the scuttlebutt lately.  It seems the iPhone 4S has a 8 MP camera that takes decent pictures (hoping to get an iPhone later next year when my contract is up for renewal - who knows, but then ,we may be up to the iPhone 5!).

I can say this - I have three Sony digital cameras:  a point & shoot (12.2 MP); a "medium level" camera, as I like to call them (DSC-H20 - 10.1 MP) and a Sony Alpha (10.2 MP).  In my previous reviews, I believe I indicated that, although it has more megapixels, the quality of the pictures taken by the point & shoot just does not compare favorably with the H20 or the Alpha - they latter are still my "go to" cameras (that's why hubby has been "gifted" the point & shoot!).  The point & shoot is mainly for banging around (when we are hiking or going to sporting events and we don't care what happens to the camera); the others are for more sedate/important times - travel, sightseeing, parties, etc.  But, once you have 8MP and up cameras in cell phones, do you need a point & shoot, or is a point & shoot something you would just rather not carry around anymore?

What do you think?

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