Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sorry for the delay!

As you may have heard, my part of the country was hit by the crazy pre-Halloween snowstorm!  We got 20 inches of snow in my city and we lost power for ~6 days.  Brr was it cold trying to sleep in 20 degree weather with no heat.  Add to that no telephones, no cell phones, no water, no Internet!  It was stir-crazy-ville!

We have been busy cleaning up (lots of tree damage), and so no time to tell you yet about the PDN photo show in NYC.  Good thing I had already planned to go that Friday, because had we gone Saturday, we would have been snowed in in NYC for a couple of days as the trains were not running to CT for a day or two.

I will tell you about it as soon as I have some real time to write.  I'll give you a preview though - although it was bigger - with the addition of the Wedding Professional photographers hall to the expo, it was disappointing.  Olympus chose not to have a booth (although it was a sponsor of the show!); Pentax's booth was so small we missed it - didn't see a Panasonic booth.  And the folks at the Kodak booth were just downright nasty - no wonder they are struggling in the market - if you are nasty to your biggest customers, why should we buy from you?

Anyway, after those tidbits, I'll be back soon with more info.

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