Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm back!

Actually, I never went away - it's just been an incredibly busy and exhausting few weeks.

I continue to play with my Sony DSC-H20 and I am still pleased as punch with it. In fact, I will be bringing it with me as my only camera (*gasp*!) to my niece's graduation in a few weeks.

I did still need another accessory, though. Although I found a camera bag that would accommodate the camera, the charger, extra lenses, should I choose to buy them, etc., I was looking for a smaller bag that I could use to just grab the H20 and throw in my purse.

I went to the Sony website to see what they recommended and it was LCS-CSD Soft Cyber-shot® Carrying Case for $19.99.
At 3 6/11" x 5 5/7" x 3 11/15", I suspected it would be too big for my purposes. I went to Best Buy and checked it out (BTW, at Best Buy the price was $21.99!), and I confirmed my suspicions. Not only was it big and bulky (it seemed to bulge out in the front, like it was expecting a baby camera case), in my eyes it was ugly.

Since I didn't like the other cases offered at Best Buy (or their prices), I headed off to Target. At Target, I got a denali small digital camera case DPCI 056-04-0729 which fits the camera perfectly and will hold an extra memory card, and fits into my purse nicely without providing the extra bulk the Sony case did. Best part: the price. It was only $9.99! It has both a Velcro close and (sorry, I don't know the term for the plastic clip) a clip close that you see on back packs and waist packs. Your camera won't fall out with those two closures! It also has an adjustable shoulder strap (removable) and a belt loop. One thing does puzzle me, however; the packaging says it has a "Battery slot" but I am just not seeing it (I don't need it anyway, so I won't miss it).

All in all, it serves my needs perfectly and it was an acceptable price as well!

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