Sunday, August 29, 2010

As good as free (almost) Freebie!

Hey, I recently found out about this website that lets you make photo books.  Yes, I know there are lots of them around, but this one was new to me.  And, even better, is the fact that for all new customers, through August 31, you can use the code FREEBK to get a free large book, including leather bound, worth $39.99.

I've used several other well known photo sites to put together photo books, and I was impressed with Picaboo's so far.  There seems to be a lot more choices and flexibility.  It did have a slight learning curve, but last night I finished up a wedding album for my niece's wedding that we attended last month.  3-4  business days to process and 3-4 days for shipping (yes, you do pay shipping with the above code, but it was $8.99).

Even though I obviously haven't seen the final products, I thought I'd pass this along to you so you could give it a try for $8.99 yourselves!  Good luck and have fun.  Once you get your books, back, post on here what you think of them.

Oh, yes, it would help if I actually give you the website: !  (the exclamation pint is mine, not part of the URL)

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