Friday, September 10, 2010

Naughty company alert

Well, I won't be shopping with again.  I placed an expensive order on September 1, and it qualified for their "free shipping", so I took it.  They took two days to ship it out, and then FedEx "smartpost" sends it from AZ to CA, which wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that I live on the EAST COAST.  The original arrival date was supposed to be September 13, but now it's been moved to September 15.  Why?  Because for some unknown reason, FedEx has been keeping my item in its Los Angeles location for 2.5 days - weekdays that is, not weekends:  September 7-September 10 it hung out in the LA warehouse or hot truck, who knows.  In either case, not a good place for cosmetics to hang out.  I called and their attitude was "Well, you can upgrade to faster shipping."  My question is, what would that shipping be, because the Pony Express used to get things from coast to coast in 10 days, so from AZ to CT would have been 7-8 days.  Are they resurrecting the Pony Express to move things faster than FedEx "smartpost"?  What an ironic name for the service, because it seems less than smart to me.

As I tried to explain to the woman at, no one needs their product -  it is a luxury.  So, in the future, I will be buying my luxuries from another company - one that does not waste their clients' time or money by sending them product that can be damaged by extensive time in heat via a method that moves slower than a snail.  And one that does not patronize me by telling me that 1) it's not their fault (um, yes, it is, you chose the shipping company and method when you offered me free shipping if I spent over X amount), and 2) I can pay more (I already did).  And customer service is sorely lacking, especially since I had to call 4 times today (and stay on hold for 15 minutes) in order to get through to them because they didn't have enough people to answer the phones (I can only guess other people wondering why it was taking so long for their purchases as well).

Nope, philosophy is not a company I need to deal with again.  Nor will I shop with anyone who uses FedEx "Smartpost" either.  I'll be doing all my shipping through UPS and the USPS.  All I can picture is that for the past two and a half days the gorillas from the old Samsonite luggage commercials have been playing catch with my package.

As for why I am posting here, well, I would have written a letter directly to the corporate CEO, but that information doesn't seem to come up at all on Google searches (just a corporate address), and I also thought people should hear about my experience.

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