Monday, September 20, 2010

Naughty philosophy Part II

Well, after waiting longer for my order than I would have had the Pony Express delivered it, the above photo is how it arrived.  Yes, the hole in the box is large enough for a hand to reach in and grab stuff with.  The product I ordered was not in the best of shape either, and somehow an over-sized white with black accents beach bag morphed into a smaller totally black with white accents tote bag.  I sent a letter to the President/CEO of Philosophy and we'll see what if anything he has to say.  I have definitely been unimpressed with both shopping experiences I have had with

Coming soon:  Photos of the photo book I made for my neice's wedding with Picaboo,com (the book is on its way to her now and I want her to see it before I post).  Thanks for your patience.  I have also ordered a medium paperback book for my hubby and his friend from Picaboo of their latest trip to the new Shea (yes, I know that's not what it's called, but it should be) stadium a few weeks ago - will post pictures of those as well with my review.  Right now, through 9/28, Picaboo has a special offer: buy one book get one free with this code:  BGFSEPT   .
Have fun!

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