Friday, September 24, 2010

Picaboo 20 page medium softcover book review

As I mentioned previously, I made up two medium (6"x9") softcover 20 page photo books for hubby and friend of a Mets game they recently attended.  Although, generally speaking, I liked the hardcover book I made up from my niece's wedding, this softcover book was very disappointing.  And to charge $7.99 to ship each one (when if weighed a few ounces at most and was shipped in just a cardboard envelope) is overpriced shipping.  It was tough getting the book out of the envelope without bending it - cover or pages.  We don't even know if our friend received their copy as UPS left it at their front door during a terrible wind and rain and thunderstorm - it was so light it could have blown away (and we have not heard anything from the friend).

So, over all, while the hardcover books may be worth looking into, I cannot recommend the softcover (which just seemed to be thicker paper - most other places at least use a cardboard like cover and/or a laminated cover).  I was disappointed over all with this book.  And, please note, with shipping and using an Internet available coupon, the two books came to over $25.00 that i paid out of pocket (this disclaimer made to make the FCC happy).

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