Thursday, September 30, 2010 redeemed - it's now on my "Nice" list of companies.

A few posts ago, I told you about the difficulties I have had with two out of two orders with  I even posted pictures of how the box arrived from FedEx (with ample room for a hand to fit into the box and rummage around which may have happened).  I wrote a letter to the COO of philosophy, and I was called last Thursday by a very pleasant company representative.  She apologized profusely, and promised to replace my order and the original bag that I was supposed to get (why companies just don't tell you that the code is "invalid" after they run out of the promotional items is beyond me), and she also offered to send me a "gift" for my troubles.  She sent me a lovely and generous package and I can certainly say that does take customer service seriously. gets a Very Nice rating in my book.  I will be sending a Thank You note to the people involved shortly, but for now, and the lovely lady who helped me get a huge, public, "Thank you!".

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